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The Messiah

The Person and The Works

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Table of Content

Chapter                                                                  Page

1 The Messiah the Prophet                                   5

2 The Messiah the High Priest                            39

3 The Messiah the King of kings                         77

4 Titles of the Messiah                                         132

5 Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled                       150

6 The Messiah in the Scripture                          183

7 Messiah & the Chosen House of Israel         205

8 Messianic Redemption Accomplished          218

9 Comparative Ordo Salutis                                284

10 The Messiah in the Seven Feasts                  300

11 The Messiah in the Passover Feast              305

12 The Messiah in Unleavened Bread Feast    324

13 The Messiah and the Firstfruit Offering      327

14 The Messiah in the Feast of the Weeks        334

15 The Messiah in the Day of Trumpet Feast    340

16 The Messiah in the Day of Atonement           344

17 The Messiah in the Feast of Tabernacles       347

18 Typology of the Messiah in the Tanakh          356

19 The Messiah in the weekly Sabbath                388

20 Fifteen Essential Messianic characters           392


This book is the most comprehensive with Jewish Messianic framework of the Messiah.

Numbering is used to facilitate the study.

The verses were cited completely as the text allowed. It is important that the reader study every word even those words that are familiar.

The Lord brings new treasures from His Scripture as you read it and study it and as you connect all the dots together.

God’s plan is wide and comprehensive. This book is an attempt to show God’s plan for mankind in the Person and in the Works of the Messiah.

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