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Fundamentals of


Epistemology (Knowledge) and


(Biblical-Reformed-Theistic Theology)

Dr. David d’Albany

ABCdeFrance Publication

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Chapter 1: The Concept of Systematic Theology 

Chapter 2: Systematic Theology is Essential

Chapter 3: Methodology

Chapter 4: The Christian Theistic Method

                    Principium Essendi

Chapter 5: The One and the Many

                    Analogical Knowledge

Chapter 6: The Theological Method in Science

Chapter 7: Dangerous Positions in Epistemology​

Chapter 8: Christian Epistemology

                   The Object of Knowledge

                   Coherence in Knowledge

                   The Subject of Knowledge

Chapter 9: Ethical Depravity

                    Stages of Man’s Consciousness

Chapter 10: Regeneration

Chapter 11: Reason and Rationality in Epistemology

                     ➀ Reason as Instrumental

                     ➁ Reason as Law of Contradiction

                          The Realm of Possibility

                          The Realm of Probability


                      ➂ Reason as Judge of Evidence of Revelation

Chapter 12: The Analogical Trinity of Man

Chapter 13: Systems of Epistemology

                       Rationalism and Empiricism


Chapter 14: Natural Reason Philosophy

Chapter 15: The Necessity of the Internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit 

Chapter 16: Special Revelation and the Holy Spirit

                       Certainty in Epistemology

Chapter 17: Theistic Revelation

Chapter 18: God’s Revelation in nature - Sciences

Chapter 19: God’s Revelation in man - Psychology


                       Human Intuition

                       Conscious Reasoning

Chapter 20: God’s Revelation of Himself - Theology

                       The Purpose of God’s Self Revelation

                       Univocal Reasoning

                       The Problem of Entropy in the Universe

Chapter 21: The Special Revelation

                      The Necessity of the Special Revelation

                      Special Revelation and the Scripture

                      Contradiction? Science, Psychology, Bible

Chapter 22: Theophany

Chapter 23: Prophecy

                      Test For True Prophecy

Chapter 24: Miracles

                       What is Not a Miracle

Chapter 25: Types of Theology

                      Natural Theology

                      Rational Theology

                      Modern Rational Theology


                      Modern Idealism


Chapter 26: God’s Revelation of His Redemptive Plans

Chapter 27: God’s Grace - Common Grace

                      Special Grace

Chapter 28: Apologetics

                      Apologetics a priori

                      Apologetics and God

Chapter 29: Predestination and Man’s Free Will

                      Apologetics and Determinism

Chapter 30: Final Words


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