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Redemption & Freedom from Death


Corruption and Slavery to Sin and Death

In this brief article we will discuss:

[1] What is salvation (redemption)?

[2] Synonyms

[3] Stage One of Salvation: Entering through the Right Door

[4] Types of false or non-saving Faiths

[5] False Christian theories about Salvation

[6] Stage Two: Perseverance is a Must

[7] The Dilemma of Working out Your Salvation

[8] Facts about Salvation

[9] Stage Three of Salvation: Final Glorification

[10] Ten Steps of Salvation (a List)


Adam’s wife sinned against God. Then, as she felt guilty and jealous of Adam, she enticed her husband, Adam to sin against God also. Adam obeyed his wife and disobeyed YHWH God.

Since, the wages of sin is death, as pronounced by YHWH prior to their rebellious sin, then all the human race in Adam and in his wife rejected God and disobeyed Him.

We all, without exception, became locked under penalty of sin which is death and thus, we all are born with dead spirits. The flesh is alive, but the spirit lost its life as death passed to everyone. Since man is triune in nature, after the likeness of God, man’s mind (psyche) became also corrupt and its logic became illogic.

YHWH God, our Father, loves us profoundly. He loves mankind unconditionally, but He decided to choose a remnant whom He honored and gave authority to become “sons of God.” YHWH decided to redeem His children whom He chose.

Since there are no sacrifices which are sufficient or eligible to redeem all the elect sons of God; therefore, God YHWH came in person in the flesh as the Messiah Yeshua Jesus Christ.

Yeshua Jesus is the very person of YHWH and a mere normal human being, at the very same time.  He is alive today and He is the Ruler of the World today. 

(Do not believe the false teaching which many pastors and Christian leaders say that Satan is the ruler of the world.  This is false. 

The truth is that Satan is the ruler over the 6.5 billion persons, (who are of every kind of religions, including rejecting Jews and social Christians), who refuse to accept Yeshua Jesus as their Lord, God and Savior. 

Satan cannot rule over the children of God, the true believers because YHWH Jesus the Christ is the Ruler of the world.  in Hebrew we say: "Baruch Atta YHWH Adonai Elohenu MELEK kol ha'Olam" which affirms that YHWH is the King of the whole universe.  Satan is powerless against the true faithful believers in YHWH Jesus the Messiah.)

The Jews are waiting for two Messiahs: (1) Mashiach son of Joseph, and (2) Mashiach son of David.  Actually, YHWH is ONE. YHWH is the Messiah and He did come once in the flesh as Yeshua Jesus and suffered death (only in the flesh) as the Lamb of God who atoned for our sins.  He is coming again at the Second Coming (the Day of the Lord) as the Lion of Judah to rule with a rod of iron and He will rule and recreate the two heavens and the earth anew. 

One Messiah, one YHWH, one Redeemer. This redemption is not given to everyone.  It is given only to those who believe, submit to Yeshua YHWH, and obey His Commandments, (see the Twenty Measures of Every True Believer in Yeshua Jesus).

Yeshua Jesus lived a holy and righteous life, yet He was judged by both the Romans and the Jews and was judged, humiliated, crucified and killed on the cross. By His stripes and wounds we are redeemed through faith in Yeshua Jesus as the very person of YHWH, the Son of God (Ben Elohim).

Since Yeshua Jesus Christ is the very person of YHWH, He rose from the dead after three days and three nights. He was crucified on Wednesday and rose from the dead on Shabbat (Saturday) around 3 PM.

Every person, whether of Jewish or of Gentile origin, who believes in Yeshua Jesus as YHWH, the Lord and the Savior Redeemer (Goel Yisrael), enters through the Gates of Salvation. This means that his/her spirit is regenerated and becomes alive. Thus, he/she is called SAVED.

As evidence of this true faith, the true believers will manifest twenty Measures, (See “Twenty Measures of Every True Believer,” by Dr. David d’Albany). I will not list the Twenty Measures because it is important to buy the book and get the whole picture and understanding of the Scriptures.

These measures which are righteous works do not save, but rather they are evidence that the person is truly saved.

Some true believers are living in defeat, committing many sins, either due to false teaching they received from their Churches or due to their bad choices. These true believers will be saved in the Last Day, but as if they are naked and without honor.

We cannot and should not judge others. We should use the Twenty Measures of Every True Believer for self examination and never for judgement of others.

Although we are saved partially, our salvation will be completed at the Second Coming of Yeshua Jesus when we will be glorified and completed and we shall be with YHWH forever. The Second coming is synonymous with “The Day of the Lord,” and “The Last Day.”


Redemption = Salvation = Regeneration = To be born from above = To be born again = To have the authority to be sons of YHWH, the Living God = Healing from sin and spiritual death = Having one’s name written in the Book of Life = being atoned for by the blood of the Lamb, the Messiah Jesus.


YHWH’s Work in Sinful Men

(First you must enter through the One Door who is Yeshua Jesus Christ. This is called salvation.)

✦ It is the moment of accepting and submitting to Yeshua Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

✦ This step is a gift from God. It is simply having faith in Yeshua Jesus. This faith is a gift from God and it is a true committed faith. It is a faith that:

(A) Yeshua Jesus is the very person of YHWH God.

(B) Yeshua Jesus is our Savior through His sacrificial blood on the cross.

(C) Submission and obedience to Christ’s commandments which are the Ten Commandments and the Clean Food Law. These are neither ceremonial nor Jewish laws, but they are Creation and Moral Laws.

[4] Types of False Non-Saving Faiths

✦ Many professing Christians and pastors who have the following types of sincere, but false kind of faith are NOT truly born again. They are not born from above, from the Holy Spirit YHWH.

The following list reflects the types of false kinds of faith which are deceptively accepted and encouraged as true faith in most Churches.

(a) Emotional Faith.

(b) Intellectual Faith (mental assent).

(c) Egocentric Faith.

(d) Reward Motivated Faith.

(e) Fear Motivated Faith.

(f) Fear of Hell Fire Faith.

(g) Socially Motivated Faith.

(h) Family and Clan Tradition Faith.

(i) Hypnotic Suggestion Faith. Good preachers unconsciously use the power of suggestion instead of the persuasion of the Word of God.

Please examine the kind of faith you have.

These different types of false faiths, mentioned above, cannot bring true salvation. The majority of professing Christians believe in Jesus with a type of false faith. They may be good sweet pastors and good Christians who are enjoying the Christian life. But, when things get tough and they go through trials or temptations, then they will pull back and away.

The demons who hate God have faith in God; they fear and tremble when they hear the name of Yeshua Jesus. However, their faith is NOT saving faith. Demons, fallen angels, cannot be saved.

Our faith in Jesus must be true, submissive and obedient to YHWH Jesus Christ, and not similar to the faith of the demons.


(A) Every one is saved by virtue of the presence of God in every creature in the entire universe. (Deism)

(B) Improving your life and behavior will lead you to higher levels consciousness which will merit your salvation. (Christian New Age - Eastern Religions)

(C) If you have Jewish or Hebrew blood, then you are saved based on God’s election of Israel. You only need to do good works especially during the ten days before Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).

(D) Salvation is simply reaching a higher level of morality. The better we become, the more saved we are. (Christian Moral Influence)

(E) Salvation is reaching higher levels of consciousness and knowing oneself completely. (New Age Christians - Psychology - Buddhism)

(F) Salvation cannot happen outside the Church. One must receive salvation from pastors, bishops, and priests and also become a member in the church to be saved. (Most Christian Churches, Roman Catholic and Protestants)

(G) Salvation can occur only through the administration of the Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. (Christian Sacerdotalism)

(H) Salvation is not a personal relationship with Christ. Salvation is a rightful relationship with the Church which is the only way of salvation. (Almost all Christians - Roman Catholicism)

(I) You are saved if you do two things: (1) Confess that Jesus is Lord, and (2) Become baptized. (Most Christians)

(J) You are saved if you confess that Jesus is Lord and be baptized and repent. Repentance is simply say sorry and stop sinning. (Most Christians)

(K) Everyone in the world will be saved by God’s grace by faith. (Arminian Christians - Disciples of Christ)

(L) We are saved based on the amount of our faith. We can lose our salvation when our faith weakens or when we sin. (Christians & Arminians)

(M) Salvation is determined in the Last Day at the Second Coming to all those who believed in Jesus and persevered to the end. Those who are not faithful to the end are not saved. (Many Christians - Adventist Christians)

(N) Salvation is love. We are saved when we are able to love everyone. (Christian New Age - Catholics and Evangelical Christians - Unity Christians)

(O) Jesus is not needed to be saved, but believing in God is a must. (Jews - Muslims - Deists - New Age Christians - Unity Christians)

(P) Repentance is confessing and stopping sin. There is no need for serious repentance because Jesus Christ destroyed sin and the Old Testament Law by nailing it to the cross. Most pastors and Christian leaders teach this childlike hypocritical kind of repentance. (Most Christians)

(Q) Salvation is decided only in the Last Day when God judges and weighs the list of good deeds against the list of bad deeds. (Arminian Christians - Muslims - Many Christians)

(R) One can lose salvation if he is not right with the Church. (Sacerdotalists)

(S) To keep your salvation, you must be buried in the Church approved cemetery. (Roman Catholic Church)

(T) You can lose your salvation unless you keep up the good works of love and repentance. (Christian New Age - Roman Catholic Church)

(U) You can lose your salvation if you do not take the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist). (Roman Catholic and Christian sacerdotalist Churches)

(V) You can lose your salvation if you do not persevere in faith. (Christian Arminians - Orthodox Church)

(W) There is no such thing as “living in sin.” Sin is defined differently by different people. (Liberal Christians and some Conservative Christians)

(X) Salvation is deliverance from evil (not from sin). (Prosperity Gospel)

(Y) Salvation is deliverance from disease, poverty and earthly evils and the corruption of our bodies and minds. (Prosperity Gospel)

(Z) Salvation is complete freedom from all limitations, thus reaching the fullness of existence and experiencing the full Love of God as gods.


Man’s Responsibility Empowered and Assisted by YHWH

If you are born from above, then you must show Evidence of your Faith. We must produce the Fruit dignified of our regeneration.

Jesus said that we know them from their fruit. If they produce good fruit, then they are good faithful trees, but if they produce evil fruit, then they are not truly born from above.

Each person must self-examine that he / she has true faith. Good or bad works do not change the status of the person who is truly saved.

The problem is that the majority of Christians are not truly saved, born from above. When we see Christians, even pastors, backsliding, apostatizing, or falling away, we assume that they were saved and lost their salvation. Probably, less than 10% of all professing Christians are truly redeemed.

The truth is: true sons of God cannot lose their salvation, but they can lose their crown in heaven if they live a sin or obey false teachings of pastors.

[7] The Real Dilemma


If someone confesses to be born again and continues to live in sin, then he is not truly born again. But should we judge that person? The example of Lot who compromised, tolerated and lived in sin is an eye-opener to me.

The Scriptures tell us that he was actually saved. Therefore, we cannot and we should not judge others.


If we do not judge pastors or Christians who are living in sin, then are we compromising the truth and the testimony of Yeshua Jesus?

We need to be able to identify them and point them out to our children to protect our children and wives from following their example.

At age seventeen, I encountered the first non-born again pastor. This man led people to salvation in Christ and he was loved and popular by everyone. At one point, he decided to deny Jesus and even wrote a book against Jesus. I asked his wife to show me his sermons notes. She did. His sermons were all impressive. He was a great preacher, but he was NOT born again. His faith was sincere, but deceptive. His faith in Christ was NOT the saving faith.

There are some pastors and many Christians who are NOT born again. Someone calculated realistically that 90% of all pastors and professing Christians are not born from above and their religion is simply cultural.

This pastor affected me to the point that I refused to be a pastor for many years. But, after many more years, the Lord kept directing me to be a “good and faithful” pastor, hence I am honored to be poorer than my friends, the millionaire pastors and missionaries. Also, I am honored to be divorced. For it is better to suffer and live alone than to accept or tolerate abomination in marriage. These false pastors and professing Christian Leaders are leading sincere Christian believers into a parallel road away from yet close to Jesus’ way. They teach tolerance of sin instead of holiness and separation unto YHWH.

The Scripture teaches that we are holy “sanctified by the blood of Christ,” hence we should reject any and all forms of immorality in our lives, our families and our marriages.


Some true faithful believers may be living in sin as a defeated Christians. It is possible that such persons are truly saved, but have been taught by false teachers, false pastors and preachers and Bible teachers.

To have sincere faith has no value in your redemption. It is important to be right according to the only measure of truth, the Scriptures only. Almost all Christian pastors claim that they are teaching the Scriptures only, but if you examine their preaching, you will find that they use psychology, hypnosis, social maxims borrowed from Hollywood lifestyle and a few verses here and there. This is false Gospel.

For example, I heard good eloquent preachers who teach that Sunday is the Sabbath. But such teaching is a heinous sin as it breaks God’s Moral Commandments. No one has the right to change what God established since the Creation. Also, most pastors and Bible teachers encourage promiscuous lifestyle, claiming that it is the norm this age, otherwise people cannot get married. Well, this may be the reason why Christian families have the same pollution as the non-Christian families. God called his sons and daughters to a life of holiness and separation from the world. Such holy life is the evidence that such a person is truly born from above and redeemed by the blood of Christ the Messiah Jesus.

Therefore, we should not judge those weak people who are led like blind sheep.

It is our duty to teach them the Scriptures even if it is opposite to what the Churches are teaching. It is also our duty to pray for them that YHWH brings them back to the true faith in all the Scriptures and that they reject the Church teaching which is common with the world.


Our Lord said that we shall know them from their fruit. This is the reason why I wrote the book, “Twenty Measures of Every True Believer,” in order that each person examines him/her self.

We need NOT be hypnotized by the Christian trends and the eloquent pastors and Christian leaders who use hypnotic sweet Christian language.

Many popular and successful pastors are not "good shepherds."  Many of them are not even born again.  These are successful because it is a job.  They know how to speak and how to sweep the people off their feet using the name of Jesus.  People (the blind sheep) love eloquence, sweet smiles and the feel of authority coming from them as Gods or as they claim to represent God.

We need to avoid those who are tolerant to sin and those who are living in sin.

Pastors who encourage young people to have boyfriends and girlfriends which is a form of monogamous prostitution and who tolerate promiscuous behavior, may not be truly born again. But, they may be great popular and well liked pastors.

Some pastors have discrete sexual and intimate relationship with women and others amass money constantly without accountability. These may not be truly born again, even if they speak and pray with tears and passion and bring people to salvation.

But, as I pointed out (in point one above), we should NOT judge them. We should keep away from them. We should NOT slander them, but we should refuse their teaching and keep our wives and children away from them. I personally know few pastors who are active sexually with women, married and single women. I also know of a couple of pastors who had sex with children, two of them were referred to me by a judge for clinical work. I know of other cases also. Usually, these cases remain discrete and most Christians have no idea about what is happening.

The Church is silent in this regard because Christians are afraid to touch the “anointed men of God.” The term “anointed men of God” is false theology.

All pastors and all Christian Leaders are not anointed by God, but rather they are anointed by the Church and by each other. The Church is a human institution and it is NOT the Assembly of Jesus Christ mentioned in the Greek as ekklyssia. Why do they say always that they are anointed and that God speaks to them? The answer is very simple: This is the most powerful method which give them total power and control over the Christians who want to hear from God. The Christians need to study the Scriptures diligently and seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit. But, the pastors and Christian leaders take over and tell them, we are here to “help you.” In reality, they collect large amounts of money for this service which keeps the Christians and faithful believers from knowing God YHWH directly.

Because the sheep are blind, the Christian leaders have so much power over them. We need to go back to the pure teaching of Yeshua, the Jewish Servant Messiah, not the Roman or British Emperors and Lords.


✦ Works do not earn salvation and do not lose “true” salvation.

✦ God does not need to wait and see our works to save us or not.

✦ God’s gift of salvation to His children is based solely on His Election.

✦ God’s gift of salvation is not based on His foreknowledge or the quantity or quality of our good works. Actually, God’s foreknowledge is based on God’s Decree in which He Chose us to be His sons before the foundations of the world.

✦ God is sovereign; He saves whom He wishes by His Grace.

✦ God is not obligated by His love to save all mankind.


(Yeshua YHWH Glorifies His sons) YHWH’s Work

Glorification means that:

(A) Our fleshly resurrected bodies will become inter-dimensional.

(B) There shall be no sin in any area in our lives.

(C) Our flesh, our psyche, and our spirit will live to its fullness without entropy for ever with YHWH the Lord Yeshua Jesus among us.


Here is a possible order of the Steps of Salvation. Some steps are events, other steps are processes.

(1) Effectual Call by God (one event)

(2) Regeneration (one event)

(3) Faith (one event)                           First Stage: Entering through the Door, Yeshua Jesus

(4) Justification (one event)

(5) Repentance (process)                 Second Stage

(6) Adoption (one event)

(7) Perseverance (process)              Second Stage

(8) Sanctification (process)            Second Stage

(9) Union with God (one event)

(10) Glorification (one event)         Third Stage   

Blessed is everyone whose name is written in the Book of Life

(Article by Pastor David d’Albany October 10, 2019)

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