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What Does the Church Teach and Practice Regarding Fornication

There are very few Preachers (Pastors) and Bible Teachers of the Church who teach purity of the body and abstinence whom we commend highly. Faithful believers, who love the Lord and want to obey him, are described as the sheep who follow the Shepherds. Hence, most of the believers live according to the teachings of the Preachers and the Teachers whether they teach the harsh truth or a hypnotic sweet falsehood from the Bible.

When we examine the teachings and the practical aspects of the grand majority of the Preachers (Pastors) and Teachers, we find that the Church is: (1) Promoting fornication, (2) Reinforcing fornication, (3) Covering up heinous sexual transgressions, (4) Teaching false theologies to force people to accept fornication under the guise of Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness, and Acceptance of Human Weakness.

There are many believers in Yeshua Jesus who want to believe in sexual purity and faithfulness in marriage. But, from a young age, nine years and older, they are allowed, taught, even forced to engage in sexual relationships as some normal relationships. It becomes impossible for them or for their future partners to adhere to faithful pure and monogamous sexual life in marriage.

There are many Preachers (Pastors) who have a sincere heart and who want to keep and teach about sexual purity. But, they know that such teaching will offend many of their rich parishioners who pay them good monies in private discrete envelopes and who support their lifestyle and projects (so-called ministries). Many or most of them make decisions based on “Situation Ethics” and “Expediency” rather than the truth.

Furthermore, most Preachers (Pastors) learn the Bible step by step and they may not have the full counsel of God yet, or maybe never.

We like to express our deepest appreciation to the believers, Christians and Messianic and the Preachers who are consistent in upholding sexual purity in their lives and in their teaching.

Why is this question very important?

There are two main essential reasons and many other important reasons which affect most areas of life. The two main reasons are:

(1) The Seventh Commandment forbids fornication. Any form of fornication is a sin against God.

(2) From my psychotherapy practice for more than twenty-four years, I attest that more than 95% of the broken Christian marriages and divorces are caused by fornication with someone other than the spouse, even if it is one time.

I and many faithful Messianic and Christian believers are divorced because we cannot allow or compromise adultery in marriage. I believe and practice forgiveness, but when adultery in marriage is not repented, then forgiveness becomes a compromise of the Seventh Commandment.

Next, we will mention a few points as evidence that the Church is definitely promoting and reinforcing fornication both in teaching and in practice.

[1] While the faithful believers want to obey God’s Commandments, yet the Church reinterprets the Seventh Commandment in order to: (1) Water its meaning down. (2) Explain it away as invalid in our culture and age. (3) Limit its application to marriage by claiming that it does not apply to single people or concubines.

[2] The Church had joined Hollywood Lifestyle by limiting faithfulness in marriage only to couples while they are living together. Thus, the Church allows a husband or a wife the right to be comforted sexually by someone when their spouse is away either on business or family visits or separated. It looks down on fornication for a married couple while they are living together. Men and women who are on business trips consider it natural to find sexual intimacy, pleasure and comfort when tired and alone in a hotel room.

I was one of the pastors in a very large church in California. The wife of another young pastor left him for a few of weeks. Immediately, another pastor in the same church recruited young women (over age 18 years old) to spend the night with him. When I confronted them, I was told that he had the right to be comforted at night; he should not spend the night alone. Several young women believed that the sexual and emotional comfort they provided this young pastor was their service to God, since pastors are called falsely “Men of God” by virtue of their job in the Church. This very pastor is famous and continues to preach about sexual purity superficially of course.

This is not a rare occurrence. I have seen it in other churches. This is very similar to the “Sacred Prostitution” practiced by the women, at least once a year, when they offered their sexual comfort to the priests and the people at the Temple of Aphrodite.

[3] The Church preaches “Tolerance” and “Forgiveness.” While it is true that we need to forgive one another constantly, yet we cannot and should not accept living in sin. A husband or a wife who allows and accepts the adultery of his/her spouse does not practice forgiveness, but is actively promoting and maintaining such living in sin. Such “Forgiveness” and “Tolerance” are a license and a positive reinforcement to continue in such sexual adultery (fornication).

I met many (very large number) of Christians who forgive without demanding repentance. When the adulterer says: “I am sorry,” then the Church teaches that it is all good and it is a clean slate. Actually, without repentance saying “sorry” has no value, except as crocodile tears.

[4] The Church does not teach “Repentance,” but rather teaches “Confession and Apology” without repentance which are painted (whitewashed) facades. True repentance means not only a confession and remorse, but also willful and active rejection of the old way and old sexual partners and any situation that may lead to them.

[5] The Church teaches “Compassion.” While compassion is needed for the downtrodden, the weak and the needy, yet compassion for sin is SINFUL. Jesus had compassion on the adulterous woman, but He made it very clear when He told her: “Go and sin NO MORE.” Without repentance compassion is reducing God’s moral values to Satan’s ethical values.

For example, I know many Christian parents who when they discovered that one of their children is active in homosexual fornication, expressed their compassion by adopting the LGBTQ defense and lifestyle. This is not compassion. Sharing in sin is not compassion. All forms of fornications (outside the marriage) are abhorred by God.

[6] The Church teaches that no one should tell unmarried people to be pure sexually or abstinent or celibate. Most Churches teach that it is cruel of God to demand that unmarried or single people should abstain from sexual relationship. They teach that as God has a big heart; He cannot forbid the natural needs of unmarried or single men and single women. Such teaching is in direct opposition to God’s beautiful creation as sexually faithful men and women.

Furthermore, marriage does not meet all the sexual needs of a woman or a man. If it is allowed or acceptable to be sexually active as single or unmarried, then the situation will not change after the marriage. The same argument will hold true for married people that they need to fulfill their sexual desires with other intimate sexual partners.

[7] Christian schools and Christian universities encourage the making-out between boys and girls. Making-out is pleasurable sexual activity which leads only to hooking-up which is sexual intercourse. Such activities are considered normal and expected by “normal” boys and girls. However, I met very few boys and girls in schools who refused to make out with others. They were described by most of their friends as “abnormal,” “uptight,” “Geek,” and “strange.” They become unpopular. While the sexually active students become the most popular. The celibate kids are under immense pressure to participate in the sexual lifestyle culture in these Christian schools and universities.

[8] The Church teaches that all sexual fornications and relationships which happened prior to the marriage are acceptable and are wiped clean at the altar. Thus, the Church teaches that the husband and the wife cannot and should not be offended of the past because marriage is a new beginning, (according to goddess Madonna, it is a new virginity). Such teaching is a lie on many levels.

The fact of the matter is that “Whatever People Do Before the Marriage, They Will Continue Doing After the Marriage.”

Those who were active sexually with many partners, will continue after the marriage with new or old sexual partners.

The Church and the parents assume that sexually active men and women will stop immediately after the marriage and become faithful to one person, their spouse. This is a grave mistake; Christians deceive themselves with this false teaching.

People do NOT change their person, or personality, or habits, or ethical value just because they are married.

[9] The Church teaches “Peace and Harmony” with the world. Such teaching demands acceptance of the world lifestyle. The Church teaches such acceptance not only for the nonbelievers as persons, but also for their lifestyle. The believers find that they are living and thinking and feeling exactly as the nonbelievers who hate Jesus and hate God’s Commandments.

The world lifestyle is pagan, liberal, promiscuous, self-indulgent, domineering, immoral, and arrogant. It rejects God and holds emotions (feelings) at the highest level and priority above discipline.

The true teaching of the Apostles is that “The Believers are at Opposition and Enmity with the World.” Peace does not and should not mean friendship or accommodation of the world lifestyle.

The Apostles also teach that we should have peace with everyone if possible. This means to have peace with people, but NOT accept or imitate their lifestyle. If they reject the faithful sexual life of the “True Believers,” then it will be impossible to have peace and that is not our fault. Believers should never compromise God’s holiness in their bodies, will, minds, and hearts.

[10] Many Churches and Christians teach that if anyone remains virgin by age twenty or above, although admirable yet indicates a psychologic or identity problem. It is taken for granted that normal people must be active sexually and constantly with everyone available.

Christian counselors advise against marriage with anyone who is still a virgin.

The Church has a double two-faced teaching, while pretending to commend sexual purity, it rejects as inferior those who maintain their virginity by age twenty years old or older.

From among many families in the same situation, I knew a family where the father was a great well-known pastor and missionary. He and his wife encouraged their five children to be sexually active with as many friends as possible, yet at the same time insisted that they do not have sexual intercourse which is a paradox. I knew three of his children who were sexually active with almost everyone in the church and in their communities, yet they claimed to be virgins. They practiced every sexual act except maybe one. It is difficult to understand how can they stop at the point of no-return. At the church, they appeared most pious and spiritual every Sunday, at the Bible Studies, and were zealous missionaries to South America. Very few people knew of their active multiple partners’ sexual lifestyle.

[11] Christians and Messianic Jews do not miss the “Bachelor’s Party or the Bachelorette’s Party” before their wedding. Many churches approve such parties as the last “Fun” to be had before the marriage. Some churches disapprove, but the good Christian men and women have these parties anyway discretely and pretend that there were no sexual activities.

During these parties, the good Christian bachelor (groom) and his friends invite women, (paid friends and paid professional prostitutes), who dance and perform whatever sexual services asked for by the bachelor and his friends. The bachelor has the first choice, then his friends can have the same women afterwards. Thus, the bachelor (groom) pollutes his body through sexual intercourse paid for by his loving friends. He enters into the marriage defiled already. The bachelorette (bride) and her friends do the same exact behavior and thus she also enters into the marriage with a polluted body.

Who suggested such pagan practice in the Church? Lucifer is the answer. These parties are his strategy to destroy Christian marriages by polluting them right from their outset.

Heavy drinking, loud festivities, sexual dancing, sexual play and sexual intercourse are common in such parties.

I asked some good Christians after their sexual parties and they told me that they were drunk and do not remember what they did. It appears to be a typical answer by the bride and the groom. The fact of the matter is that they were drunk but not too drunk. They assumed that these parties are the “Right of Passage” which they need to experience before they get locked in with one person. Such lifestyles and philosophy are purely promiscuous fornication by both the groom and the bride.

Some men and women refused to have a bachelor or bachelorette party. Those honor God and honor their marriages.

In truth, those who cannot remain celibate before the marriage, will not be able to be faithful to their spouse after the marriage because marriage cannot fulfill every sexual desire and fantasy. A good man and woman who are obedient to God deny their desires in order to honor their spouse and God who demands obedience to the Seventh Commandment disregarding if we feel satisfied sexually or not.

Furthermore, any sexual intercourse creates a “Flesh Union.” As such, the bachelor and bachelorette parties become a bridge for demonic presence through the flesh union with the prostitutes and past girlfriends or boyfriends.

[12] The Church encourages each boy and girl, each man and woman who is not married to have his girlfriend and her boyfriend.

Boy-Girl-Friendship is a form of monogamous prostitution. It is a friendship with benefits. When the benefits (sexual intercourse) cease, the friendship ceases. And they declare that they broke up and now they find and get another boyfriend or girlfriends with the blessing of the Church and their Christian friends.

This is hypocrisy, to approve monogamous prostitution (boy-girl-friendship) and preach sexual purity at the same time.

[13] Hollywood Productions followed moral and ethical guidelines until about the year 1958. Since then, the films and TV shows had become progressively immoral. They went too far in demanding that everyone accepts their immoral lifestyle. From my practice, I knew many actors and actresses who gave me more accurate detail of what goes on.

I met very few Christian actors and actresses who kept their Biblical moral standards and they lost well-paying contracts.

The Church adopted Hollywood life style and progressively, although at a slower pace, is becoming exactly like Hollywood.

Hollywood controls almost every aspect of life in America, England and other countries. Hollywood declared war against the faithful believers and against God. It aligned itself with false believers and pagan believers. It promotes total sexual freedom, homosexuality, LGBTQ, money, power, gossip, slander disguised as “freedom of speech,” occultism, socialism, and animal rights above humans. Fornication and unfaithfulness in marriage are highly admired by Hollywood lifestyle.

The Church does NOT condemn Hollywood or Hollywood Lifestyle. The Church considers Hollywood Lifestyle “The American Way.”

In the past, the Church used to publish a rating scale, pioneered by Dr. James Dobson. Now, the Church follows Hollywood and does not comment on their production.

Thus, by silence and by imitation the Church is approving Hollywood gospel and lifestyle.

Churches are becoming more and more “Entertainment Centers” after the manner of Hollywood. What is called worship, sometimes is nothing by Hollywood entertainment with Christian words.

[14] The grand majority of the Churches and most Christians approve abortion. The last stronghold against the murder of the unborn children was very few conservative Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. Now, the Roman Catholic Church approves abortion under certain circumstances, i.e., depending on the opinion of family, friends and doctors.

The Church approves abortion by claiming that it is the “Right” for every woman to decide what to do with her body. But, such a statement and reasoning ignore three important persons besides the woman:

     (1) God the creator of this conceived child.

     (2) The child himself/herself who is a living soul even though unborn yet.

     (3) The Father has equal right as the woman about his child. But, for the sake of the woman, all else is disregarded.

The Church on the one hand approves fornication and also, on the other hand approves the removal of the natural consequences of the fornication. Both acts are sinful and abomination against God. Killing unborn children does not remove the sin of fornication, but adds to it also the sin of murder, both of which are sins against God.

As an example, I had a family patient in my practice where the daughter discovered that she was pregnant from her approved boyfriend. (I call the boy-girl-friendship monogamous prostitution.) This family considered pregnancy outside the marriage as a major embarrassing social taboo. They were well to do and the father and mother were both high in the ladder (pyramid) of Church Ministry. The father refused absolutely to allow abortion of his daughter and the mother appeared to accept his decision. But, from my psychotherapy to them and the daughter, I discovered that the mother slipped in the “Morning After Pill” (levonogestrel) in a warm sweet milk which she gave her daughter before bedtime. Next day, the girl had a natural miscarriage while she was on the commode (toilet seat). She had no idea what happened or why she lost the child. But, from the information I gathered, it was evident that the mother aborted her daughter by a strong dosage of levonogestrel which is accessible without doctors’ prescription and which is given by the Abortion Clinics Planned Parenthood as Plan B.

The social taboo was removed from this family, but before God, the mother broke God’s Commandments. The girl continued her high class white washed life and the man continued his ministry as a famous pastor in the Church.

[15] Some Christians similar to nonbelievers are active in internet pornography: (A) By age eleven years old or younger, some begin watching pornography. (B) 35% of internauts download pornographic pictures and videos. (C) 12.7% of all internet sites are or have pornographic materials. (D) 25% of all interest sites have sexual content of varying degrees.

[16] I discovered that Christian Singles Meetings, which I attended for a while, were promoting open and subtle sexual hookups as a way to build boy-girl-friendship. In simple language, they were places to meet people for sex, short terms or long terms.

Their goal is Not to study the Word of God, but to meet and hookup.

A Southern Baptist (non-racist) pastor asked me to begin and lead a Christian Singles Fellowship in his Church. I responded and said: “These Christian Singles Fellowships are meat-markets because the singles who will attend are after physical hookups. Therefore, I will not be a part of this.”

[17] Every sexual union outside the marriage creates a “Flesh Union” which becomes a bridge for demonic oppression.

The Church is oblivious about this spiritual warfare. The Church does NOT teach anything about “Spiritual Cleansing.” As a result, many (maybe the majority) of Christians are under such spiritual oppression which can lead them to continued sexual sins. One important symptom of the flesh union is intense paranoia which does destroy marriages.

[18] The Church teaches that social obligations and avoiding cultural taboos must have the priority over any moral obligation. Thus, husbands and wives are told by the Church to stay together even when there is adultery.

I spoke with some women in this situation and they expressed that they have to accept their husband’s sexual fornications with other, even be tolerant of the other women because their future options will be meager without their husbands.

I know divorced women who are ashamed of divorce instead of being proud that they remained faithful to the Lord.

Women are afraid to be on their own with no resources, facing the condemnation of their Christian friends. The Church subtly and openly demand that men and women stay in such adulterous marriages instead of obeying God’s Holy Commandment.

Dr. James Dobson mentioned that in some cases women were forced to allow the husband’s girlfriends to stay with them at home.

This reflects a “Situation Ethics” wherein the Church suspends the Word of God for expediency, shame issues, and financial considerations.

[19] The Church teaches Grace as opposite to the Law. Such teaching is based on misunderstanding of the Five Categories of the Laws of God. If the Law is annulled, then Grace has no value at all.

The Church teaches that the Law of Love supercedes the rigid Law of Moses. Such teaching is false because the Law of Moses is the Law of Love.

In dealing with people who are constantly committing fornication, whether singles or married, the Church focuses on love and emotional needs and ignores God’s loving justice.

The message of the Church is clear, sex is acceptable and the Law of God is of lesser value. God understands, He is not serious about punishing you for your constant fornication. Such message is taught explicitly and implicitly by the Church and it encourages and even reinforces fornication.

[20] In many churches in France, for example, whenever the Preacher is preaching about love, the majority of the members hear it as sexual love. Actually, I was teaching in a conference for pastors in Dijon about “The Foundational Layers of Marriage.” When I mentioned that sexual relationship in marriage can be eighth on the level of essential importance as compared to other more essential foundations, a pastor stood up and stated that for him and his wife, sex is of highest importance. He stated in front of all pastors present and his wife who sat next to him: “If there is no sexual relationship between him and his wife, there is no love and he will leave to find love from another woman.” Such a statement is grave and sad. Sadly many Christians and Many Churches believe that sex is love and love is sex.

But, Jesus showed us true love without sex. Who is the liar, the Christians or Jesus?

Many Christians do not know what is love, but their experiences are limited to boy-girl-friendship which is sexual. Hence, they do not know what is love without sex.

I spoke with one of my clients that she needs to develop intimate love and trust in Jesus. She appeared scared and said: “I cannot have sex with Jesus, how can I love him intimately?” This woman is very attractive and she had many boyfriends, i.e., sexual partners. She needs to relearn the nature of the true love without sex.

The Church does not teach about the nature of true love, except when collecting more money. Christians end up thinking that loving the poor is “giving money to the Church organization” and loving each other is “sexual.” Both of those are false teachings.

[21] Several famous Hollywood stars began to attend the Church. One famous star whom I judge was truly repentant came to our Church. She did not appear in any Hollywood movies after she came to the true knowledge of Yeshua Jesus and proved repentant of her past sins.

But, there are many Hollywood stars who do NOT change their lifestyle. They come to Church to feel good, to be blessed spiritually, to associate with nicer people, to have more name and fame, to deal with some personal or spiritual issues.

The Church appears that she is welcoming them with open arms without any demands of repentance or change in life. While it is true that it is good that they attend the Church rather than orgy parties, yet their faith is more of a Hollywood faith. Their lifestyle does not change. As the Church approves them fully, they are setting a promiscuous role model to all young Christian men and women.

[22] The Church encourages “Dating” which is against the Biblical model of relationship between men and women. Almost every Christian and Messianic Jew claims that Dating is essential or else one will never get married.

The Biblical model is against dating. The Biblical model is “Family and Group Meetings.” How about single people who are living alone? The Family of God in the original ekklyssias (House Assemblies) were required and commanded to love one another. Hence, any person who is alone is adopted within a nearby ekklyssia, a House Assembly (Congregation). Today, the Churches are business organization which adopts and supports only its supporters, the rich and the attractive.

According to certain psychological studies, more than 25% of Dating end up in rape, i.e., unwanted or forced sexual intercourse.

According to other certain psychological studies, all Dates expect to have sexual stimulations, oral sex or full intercourse. Very few Dates are limited to spending time to talk. These very few Dating end up as broken and non friendship. Sex is expected almost always.

Dating is artificial relationship of one man on one woman with the main focus on sexual intimacy, which is called falsely love.

We have an example in the Holy Scriptures regarding “Dating”: In Genesis 34:1-13 we read about a beautiful girl Dinah, daughter of Ya’cov Jacob. Dinah went out on a Date with a handsome prince Sheckem son of Hamor. Genesis 34:1 “Dinah went out to see the daughter of the land (the Hivites).” In the Hebrew language, this means that she dressed up like them, she put on makeup like them and she had a Date like them with prince charming Sheckem.

Sheckem, the son of king Hamor the Hivite, liked her which indicates that she was sweet with him. He had sexual excitement with her just as he did with all the other girls in the land. Sheckem had sexual intercourse with her just as he did with all the other women in the land.

God did not call this a Date or a Love or a Meeting. God called this act as Rape and Defilement.

Today, dating is exactly the same. People must make-out, have oral sex or sexual intercourse to prove their love and have a second Date.

This is breaking God’s Commandment and a defilement of the body. Some young men and women have hundreds of Dates which means they have hundreds of “Flesh Union” with lovers. The Church is almost oblivious about the deep spiritual implication of such Dating life.

The Church does not care about people who are single if they are not rich or very attractive physically. The Church promotes its own business and ministry by shepherding and supporting those who support the Church, the rich and the physically attractive. This practice leads many singles to do anything to have Dates in the hope of having future partners. In my clinical practice, I met many desperate women and men also who are willing to do anything in Dating just to belong to someone.

[23] The Church had become a dating place. Many people say that the Church is the best place to find marriage partners. Although this sounds right, yet many Dating in the Church ends up to be just Dating as exactly in the world with sex as the primal goal.

Some people call the Church “Plenty of Fish to catch and release.” Others call the Church “C-Harmony Sea-Harmony.” It is true that the Church is NOT established by Jesus Christ, but it is a social pyramidal organization. As such, it can be a Dating Club. But, when the Church claims that it honors Jesus and acts exactly after the manner of Hollywood, then it gives a real meaning to Babylon which is identified with the Church in the Book of Revelation.

One of my very early clinical patients was a Southern Baptist Pastor. When I met him, he abandoned not only the pastorate of his church but also the faith of the Lord Jesus. He, in the intimate clinical setting, told me that since his high school years, he began to have sex with the girls and with some married women in his church. Over the years before and during his pastorate, he told that he had sex with most of the women in his church and women from another nearby church. Women loved him and thought that such sexual intimacy with him is a holy relationship with God. When I met him, he began to have a big name in the Rock Music industry.

Since that time, I met other pastors who are married and yet active sexually, discretely, with women from their churches. Fortunately, the number of sexually active pastors with other women besides their wives is very small.

Sadly, their sexual relationships are covered up and considered part of the weak human nature.

[24] While the Church pretends to teach (about) the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet oftentimes it teaches social ethics and psychological maxims disguised as the message of Jesus Christ. For example, the Southern Baptists talk with full conviction and sternness that “God hates divorce.” It is a true statement, but the use of this single verse can promote immoral adultery.

When a divorced man attempts to be appointed (ordained) as a pastor with pay, he is slandered and rejected by many. Yet, when a married man who commits adultery or who allows his wife to commit adultery, discretely of course, attempts to be appointed (ordained), then he is lauded and ordained as a pastor with full pay and benefits.

Preachers brag about how many years they are married as if this is a superior star, a chip on their shoulders, that demands respect from everyone. They gloss over the adultery as if it is a common simple family issue with little importance.

God’s Seventh Commandment “You shall NOT commit fornication” is written in stone. At the same time, God hates divorce. Jewish men began to abuse their power and riches. They divorced their wives and remarried younger women. This is hateful in the eyes of God, but this does NOT justify breaking God’s Seventh Commandment. Psychology today approves fornication and the Church takes the side of progressive psychology.

[25] The Church consistently covers up sexual abuse and protects the clergy whom she appoints and declares falsely as “men of God.” First, the term “men and women of God” applies to every believer equally. When the Church teaches that only those employed as Pastors, or Deacons, or Elders, or Bishops, or Priests, or Missionaries are “men and women of God,” then the Church is creating a wall between the normal believers (the laity) and the clergy. This wall protects the clergy even when they sexually abuse children or women.

Since the beginning of the creation of the Church (in June 325 AD), there has been regular sexual abuse of young girls and as the Church promoted the false doctrine of celibacy of clergy, then homosexuality and sodomization of young boys began also.

Today, some Christians are active in sex trafficking, in sodomization of boys and in raping girls. We do not hear about that because there are millions of dollars spent to cover up and protect the traders. The Church official stand is against sexual abuse. At the same time, sexual abuse continues to occur.

Clement of Alexandria (Titus Flavius Clemens) (b. 150 - d. 215) was a Christian, teacher, historian, Hellenic theologian and philosopher. As a Roman Christian he rejected the Ten commandments in their original Hebraic form and meaning, but he told the new budding Church to add an Eleventh Commandment because of the sexual corruption which he saw creeping into the Roman and Alexandrian Church at that time. His Eleventh Commandment was: "Thou shalt not seduce boys." This is a historical mirror reflecting the Roman Christians' promiscuous and free sexual relationships, even having incest and sex with boys and girls. Human sex trafficking of children was practiced by Clergy from an early time until now.

Another historical example was the Templars who were created and protected by the Church until the King of France, Philippe IV le Bel issued an order to arrest and to kill all the Templars. This order was approved by Pope Clement V of Avignon (13 October 1307). All the loyal Templars were arrested and killed. Two of the accusations against them, (whether true or false), were (1) Sodomy with boys and men, and (2) Debauchery with women.

Today, on “Youtube,” some news anchors and historians claim the Pope Francis allegedly was very active in child sex trafficking and he continues to protect those traffickers until today, as well as, the priests and cardinals who raped and sodomized boys almost all their lives.

I have known pastors who had sexual relationships with children and there was no charges against them. People are afraid to oppose or expose a “man of God,” lest God attack them. The false theology of divinity of certain men when employed by the Church keeps them safe from accusation and prosecution.

I had a patient who was an active evangelical pastor. After the death of his young wife, he began to have regular sex with his two daughters. The Church eventually forgave him and he continued his ministry after several months from such discovery.

I was a pastor in a large Church where the Senior Pastor had several affairs with rich and upper income class women who were married. When he was discovered, he pretended with tears a deep sorrow. He was restored to his full capacity as the Senior Pastor in less than three months.

There are many cases which remain covered up. The women enjoy having sex with pastors. Some of them feel that it is a high spiritual experience to satisfy a “man of God.” They misinterpret the verse: “offer your bodies as a living sacrifice.” Actually, they are offering their body to Satan and such "men of God" are NOT men of God.

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